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              Stock enquiry Delivery state

              NORRES Group: History


              • NORRES has increased our product availability: The current expansion of the NORRES product range consists of stock levels totalling 25,000m2 this enables a larger storage capacity and in return provides our customers a significant value. NORRES products are available in variable quantities, lengths and diameters. In addition, we are able to offer more flexibility to our customers’ requests and this ensures that product is readily available at all times in which we can serve our customers faster! Hence, Five-Meter-Lengths are available from now ex-stock.
              • NORRES North America: NORRES North America has streamlined their production capacity and upgraded its warehouse capabilities for variable stocking lengths. NORRES has further extended its portfolio of AIRDUC?, PROTAPE? and Clamp Profile Hose offerings in North America. In combination with a full scale production facility with multiple lines, most stock products are available at all times. The result: Large orders and urgent demands can be handled promptly, efficiently and delivered in a timely manner..
              • NORRES UK receives Rising Star Supplier Award 2016/2017. This distinction is another example that NORRES recognises the demands of its customers and offers its partners viable solutions that are beneficial to both sides. NORRES UK is delighted to be part of the award recipients.
              • Since 1st August the NORRES Team has increased significantly: At the start of the new year, 2017 welcomed the addition of multiple new trainees to our headquarters in Gelsenkirchen.


              • The new TRGS 727 comes into effect in April 2016. NORRES hoses are certified according to the new explosion protection regulation TRGS 727 and comply with the latest EU food regulations 10/2011 and 2015/174 and are FDA-compliant.
              • NORRES invites leading OEMs from the field of pneumatic conveying and aspiration of powders and granules as well as technical dealers to the expert talks in early April 2016. Within this framework, the current transfer of TRBS 2153 into the new TRGS 727 as well as accompanying over 100 recommendations which were discussed and considered.
              • The new catalogue of the NORRES product range "Technical Hoses" is now available for our customers. Of course, with all new standards and modifications such as the TRGS 727, the latest food regulation 2015/174 and a classification of the hoses according to DIN 26057.
              • NORRES Czech RepublicNORRES expands in Europe: The new NORRES office in the Czech Republic was opened on 1th August 2016! NORRES thus offers its customers and partners a further competent contact in Europe.
              • NORRES Azubis 2016NORRES Schlauchtechnik is developing new specialists in 2016! At the start of the new training year, the hose manufacturer welcomed new apprentices at its main location in Gelsenkirchen, which are now strengthening the NORRES team.
              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik expands the storage range! In addition to the original PROTAPE? and AIRDUC? polyurethane hoses, which are certified according to the latest food law regulations 10/2011 and 2015/174, the new explosion protection regulation TRGS 727 and DIN 26057, NORRES extends the storage assortment in black dyed variants: new in the The PROTAPE? PUR 330 AS BLACK and AIRDUC? PUR 350 AS BLACK.


              • NORRES Responsive DesignNORRES once again proves to be a trendsetter: At the beginning of 2015, the NORRES website www.norres.com was designed with flexibility in mind surrounding ease of accessability  whether logging on to a computer desktop, tablet and smartphone. The content can be recorded completely and quickly by the visitor. This makes NORRES customers worldwide well-informed prior to making a purchase, as well as a Web App, Converter and extended hosefinder all of which are tools in place to help make purchasing that much easier for our customers.
              • NORRES is doubling its production capacity with two-year investment program that includes a sum of over € 2.7 million. The machine fleet and capacities are doubled, delivery times are shortened and production is made even more cost-effective.
              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik presents two innovative, highly flame retardent hoses for the automotive industry: the AIRDUC? PUR 352 SE RAILWAY and the AIRDUC? PUR 352 SE RAILWAY PLUS complete the product portfolio of our technical hoses. The two certified suction and delivery hoses are especially suited for rail vehicles and commercial vehicles in public transportation.
              • Burkhard Mollen mit dem NORDWEST Lieferantenaward 2015NORRES was awarded the NORDWEST Supplier Award within the innovation segment. The award proved: NORRES recognizes customer needs and offers its partners future-oriented, mutually beneficial solutions.


              • NORRES is heading into its anniversary year of 125 innovations. From the very beginning, the focus here is on the multitude of new NORRES products, which from now on come with "anti-static" as a standard. Until the end of the year, following 125 technical and service oriented innovations
              • In February, NORRES will officially begin its anniversary year. Congratulating politicians, economists as well as partners and friends of NORRES will be guests at the NORRES anniversary reception
              • In South Bend, in the state of Indiana in the USA, NORRES is starting its new branch with affiliated manufacturing. On this occasion, the governor of the state of Indiana, Mike Pence, visited NORRES in Gelsenkirchen.
              • NORRES would like that customers are able to quickly and comprehensively orient themselves in the catalogues. Therefore a conversion of metric and imperial values takes place over the entire range of products.

              • NORRES Goes Mobile: With the new NORRES hose finder and the NORRES customer portal, starting at the end of August, the manufacturer will offer the NORRES hose world as an online web app. A multitude of functions, like order status and tracking service alleviates the daily work for customer and partners with the NORRES customer portal.

              • NORRES celebrates with its customers, partners, and employees: Now on three days, NORRES will celebrate its 125th anniversary. Domestic and international customers use the international marketing forum from NORRES in order to speak about the operations of the future. Afterwards we celebrate.

              • The autumn of innovations: This still means a multitude of new products and service features as well as the opening of the new materials store.

              • With the new online relaunch in the responsive design for mobile devices exactly as for tables and many new features NORRES ends its anniversary year and begins the new year in 2015.


              • NORRES is awarded the initiative prize NRW 2013 by the WGZ Bank and the Funke Media Group for its social commitment. 
              • In October, NORRES Schlauchtechnik met numerous national and international customers at its booth at the world’s leading trade fair K 2013 in Dusseldorf.
              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik is awarded the Grand Prize for Small and Medium-sized Businesses 2013, an award that confirms that the way NORRES takes as a trendsetter and technology leader in its segment.
              • NORRES continues to expand globally. The latest branch is in Leamington Spa in the British midlands, from which supplies can now be directly brought to NORRES customers throughout the entire United Kingdom and Ireland.
              • NORRES expands its offer for the pharmaceuticals and food industry with the latest approvals and thereby responds to customer requirements.
              • NORRES launched its image film in German and English on its own You Tube channel. This provides all of those interested with a direct view of the world of NORRES hoses.


              • NORRES China opened with a "Grand Opening" an own production for the Asian market as well as a new, much more advanced branch in Shanghai Pudong.
              • NORRES continues its internationalization with a new office in Taiwan. Together with the Chinese subsidiary, NORRES now offers its customers two bases in Asia.
              • NORRES presents a new catalogue (the ES 3) for its newest business division - environmental technology - at the IFAT 2012 in Munich. At the trade fair itself, NORRES presents its membrane tube and membrane disc diffuser for fine bubble aeration in aeration tanks.
              • New trade catalogues assist NORRES' partners and customers with technical know-how and interesting application examples. The trade catalogues for clamp profile hoses and technical hose solutions for the plastics industry are distributed in high numbers to customers and dealers.
              • With an expanded product range of high temperature hoses, NORRES offers an extremely heat-resistant hose for temperatures up to + 280 ° C with the CP 467 HiTex, thus complementing its range of heat-resistant hoses with a top-quality product.
              • NORRES is known for social its commitment. For its efforts in integrating workers of the 50-plus generation, the enterprise with headquarters at the port of Gelsenkirchen earned the city's "Best Ager Company with Vision 2012" award.


              • German and English versions of the new manual for technical hoses – IH3 – are published in the springtime, followed by the French and Polish versions later in the year.
              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik receives the award as finalist in “The Grand Prix of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” 2011 in Dusseldorf.
              • The internationalization of NORRES continues. NORRES Polska opens in Poznan with its own warehouse. A convenience for many customers in Eastern Europe and Poland.
              • NORRES expands the permanently conductive hoses product range with the AIRDUC? PUR-INOX 351 MHF-AS. Starting this year, NORRES customers now have the option of ordering hose types made from bio-based raw materials.


              • The NORRES CONNECT Safety Clamp Systems 230, 231 and 232, which allow polyurethane hoses to be clamped to all standard connection types, are now also available for the PUR-AS hose series. These innovative techniques for connecting commercially available fittings to polyurethane hoses lead to a clear reduction in maintenance, energy and process costs.
              • The PUR-AS hose family manufactured by NORRES is voted one of the top three innovations in the “Environmental and safety technology / explosion protection” category of the Vogel Business Media Innovation Award at “POWTECH / TechnoPharm 2010”.


              • NORRES shapes up for the future: A new rectangular hose is the latest innovation to emerge from the NORRES R&D department as a further extension to our already broad portfolio of products.
              • The permanently antistatic hoses in the electrostatic discharge-capable PUR-AS family developed by NORRES Schlauchtechnik are among the first of their kind to be launched in the market. AIRDUC?, PROTAPE? and BARDUC? PUR MHF-AS have each obtained legal and regulatory approvals from an independent testing laboratory for the complete hose in food applications; they meet the requirements of EU Directive 2002/72/EC, including the amending Directive 2007/19/EC, and bear the EU's glass / fork symbol.
              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik – united under one roof: The “Am Stadthafen 12-18” site in Gelsenkirchen was finally ready for occupancy on July 20. The full benefit of the significantly expanded manufacturing and warehouse capacities can now be leveraged. The investment in new plant will make our production processes both faster and more efficient. The warehouse and Production were recently joined by Administration. 
              • The implementation of the new technical rule TRBS 2153 (BGR132) gives rise to numerous questions and uncertainties in day-to-day practice. In an attempt to provide reliable answers and clarify the situation with regard to suction and transport hoses, NORRES, the Gelsenkirchen based hose manufacturer, hosts a meeting of experts at the end of November. The eminent panel includes Dr. Josef Bremen of BG Chemie in Cologne, one of the fathers of both the new and the old rule, and Dr. Claus-Diether Walther of Currenta, Leverkusen, a recognised authority on explosion protection.


              • Complete production and warehouse relocated to the second plant – “Am Stadthafen 12-16, Gelsenkirchen” – in July/August 2008.
              • Product range extended with two innovative clamp systems: CONNECT Safety Clamp System 2311 and CONNECT Pressfitting System 232 for heavy and super-heavy, externally corrugated spiral hoses.
              • NORRES Cable Protection Systems catalogue published in July. New Industrial Hoses Manual published in March.


              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik becomes one of the first manufacturers to develop a special safety clamp system – CONNECT 230 – for loading and unloading silo vehicles that fits spiral wire-reinforced polyurethane hoses.
              • NORRES voted “Supplier of the Year 2007 in the Hoses and Fittings Category” by VTH (German Industrial Distributor Association) in November.
              • Production commences in the second plant. The new production facility is officially opened by Frank Baranowski, Lord Mayor of Gelsenkirchen.


              • Development and market launch of HT-PUR, the brand raw material, in March. Polyurethane hoses made of HT-PUR are more resistant to heat and abrasion.


              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik continues its expansion with the acquisition of the “Am Stadthafen 12-18, Gelsenkirchen” site (Plant II), leading to the creation of new, long-term jobs, and the establishment of a regional office in China.
              • One of the first manufacturers in the world to receive official approval for polyurethane hoses reinforced with steel wires in accordance with the new EC Directive 2002/72/EC, NORRES launches the production of its new food industry hoses and special couplings, proudly bearing the EU’s glass/fork symbol.


              • Development and market launch of a brand raw material called Pre-PUR? – meanwhile a synonym for quality and longer life. This special blend of premium ether-polyurethane is characterised by better resistance to heat and cold than ordinary polyurethanes.
              • Publication of the Industrial Hoses Manual and complete redesign of the company website. The Manual wins an award for its user friendly layout and simple navigation in “KatalogBenchmark”, the prestigious competition for catalogue design..


              • Extension of the production and preassembly area for connection fittings.


              • Burkhard Mollen, a close associate of Hubert Norres, acquires all shares in NORRES Schlauchtechnik to become sole proprietor.


              • Construction of a new storage and logistics area at the Freiligrathstr. 38 site in Gelsenkirchen. Warehouse capacity is doubled as a result.


              • Invention of partial colouring for hoses. Thanks to the patented production method, AIRDUC? and PROTAPE? hoses can now be coloured in the bead area according to customer specifications.
              • “Welding extrusion” patent granted for AIRDUC? and PROTAPE?. This novel production technique improves the smoothness of the interior hose surface.


              • Burkhard Mollen appointed Managing Director.
              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik voted “Best Supplier: Industrial Distribution Partner” by VTH (German Industrial Distributor Association). NORRES becomes a member of the Industrial Distributor Association’s TOP partner programme.


              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik becomes one of the first hose manufacturers in Germany to be certified to DIN ISO 9001.

              ab 1993

              • Burkhard Mollen takes up employment as an engineer in the NORRES Schlauchtechnik Research & Development department.


              • Market launch of PROTAPE? film hoses.


              • NORRES Schlauchtechnik develops and launches the first CP (clamp profile) hoses.


              • Production of the first plastic spiral hoses made of welded profile. This innovative step is followed by the development and manufacture of AIRDUC? profile hoses.


              • NORRES takes the decision to divest itself of its fuse lighter business and concentrate on industrial hoses.


              • Plans are made to set up a separate sales and distribution network for industrial hoses and connecting elements.


              • Development of a cable protection conduit completed and the conduit prepared for production


              • Market launch of the first Cable protection system and invention of the WELLFLEX? design


              • Purchase of an extrusion machine for making hoses and profiles.


              • The year begins with the re-issue of NORRES’ license to manufacture electric fuses.


              • War damage repaired and commodities to meet daily needs manufactured from existing stocks. Parallel to this, intensive efforts are made to persuade the British occupation authorities to license the production of electric fuses.


              • Production during the Second World War is restricted to electric fuses for quarries and for the coal, salt and ore mining industries. The war situation puts a stop to manufacturing activities in March 1945. Production of all electric fuse lighters is banned by the authorities.


              • Introduction of the first test procedures for detonator wires with insulation made from thermoplastic polymers


              • Joseph Norres’ fuse factory in Gelsenkirchen granted an official trading license to erect a manufacturing facility for electric fuses on the Freiligrathstr. 30 site in Schalke (Gelsenkirchen).
              • Death of Wilhelm Norres on November 2, 1918. The firm has already been run by his eldest son, Albert, for some time. Albert’s brother, Joseph Norres, who worked there too for a while, establishes his own fuse manufacturing company – Joseph Norres, Zünderfabrik – between 1923 and 1925.


              • Wilhelm Norres, a former miner, is employed as an accountant and mining official at the Consolidation pit in Schalke (Westphalia) following a mine accident. He sets to work on the development of a “mechanical safety fuse for detonations” (in the form of a friction igniter) that is protected by German and international patents.
                The first patent application is submitted in 1890. By 1897, the consumption of Norres fuses has climbed to 1.1 million.


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